Lokve company was founded in 1952. Its primary activity was the processing of wood with the state-of-the-art sawmill. With the construction of new halls and the formation of the first production line in 1973, the production of wooden windows began. Since 1994, the company has become a 100% family owned business that has been involved for three generations. Lokve distinguished itself as an industry leader when it introduced the first wood aluminum window in 2001, while in 2012 it presented the first windows for low energy and passive construction on the Croatian market.

Today, Lokve, with over 120 employees, is a leading manufacturer of wooden and aluminum windows in Croatia. The production facilities are located in the heart of the forest of Gorski Kotar with a total land of 70,000 m2 of which is 15,000 m2 coverd.

From pre-processing of timber to the final producta

We transport fresh timber directly from the surrounding forests of Gorski Kotar for primary processing to a sawmill, the wood is then dried in our dryers for the required 12% moisture and goes to final processing into a finished product using modern machines with CAD / CAM technology and an implemented system in which the computer plans and monitors production through all segments of the production process.

The advantage of this process is the ability to control the input material and ensure the highest level of quality of our products.

Experience, tradition and modern technology

The production of Lokve is equipped with the latest generation of modern CNC machines (Weinig, Loewer, Biesse, Working Process…) for cutting, planing, and profiling of wooden elements, which are equipped with top tools from Leitz. Modern machining equipment is also accompanied by a high-capacity automated paint shop that paints over 14,000 windows annually.

Sustainable production of windows by solar energy

A large 625 kW solar system spread over 4,000 m2 of production hall roofs with over 1900 panels generates energy and will generate around 40% of the total electricity needed to produce windows. Solar energy significantly reduces CO2 emissions, raises our level of environmentally conscious attitude and contributes to the protection of nature.

Lokve also implements a sustainability strategy through the installation of a 4 MW boiler whose heat produced is used to heat production plants and run drying chambers. The fuel comes entirely from the rest of the timer.

A global company

As a leading manufacturer in the domestic market, LOKVE exports more than half of its products to foreign markets. With a strong presence in Europe like Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Italy and Greece, LOKVE also markets its products to global markets such as Russia, South Korea, Japan and Lebanon.